Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oracle JDeveloper 11g Technology Preview 3 Released

I recently downloaded the new JDeveloper 11g Tech Preview 3 for my Mac, and I am impressed. While I primarily use Netbeans for Java application development, the JDeveloper IDE is great for developing PL/SQL and Java Stored Procedures.

All of the new features in this technology preview are amazing. I understand that if you develop Java applications within the JDeveloper IDE then there have been many enhancements and improvements as well. For instance, the SOA and Web Services modules have had some significant adjustments.

My primary use of the JDeveloper IDE is for PL/SQL and Java Stored Procedure development. If you are looking to create and/or maintain any PL/SQL, then this tool can help you greatly. The new editor is nice, package body and header separation is a plus, and the automatic SQL command window is nice to have. One no longer needs to open a SQL Worksheet to invoke an SQL statement, it opens automatically when a database connection is selected. Of all the great SQL IDEs available today, I do not think any are better than JDeveloper for managing Oracle Java Stored Procedures. Straightforward and easy to manage, developing Java Stored Procedures for the Oracle database has never been easier.

I recommend downloading the technology preview and giving it a try. Even if you do not develop any SQL or PL/SQL code, you may find that it has some nice features to benefit your Java development.


  1. Does tech preview really works ?

    I tried on windows & linux but failed during deployment phase

  2. Atul-

    I have not developed or deployed any Java applications with the tech preview as yet...only PL/SQL. You say that it is failing during the deployment phase? Do you mean when you are compiling and deploying your application, or do you mean the installation phase for the IDE?

    Also, I have not tried the tech preview on Windows, I am using OSX 10.5 and I had no issues with the installation.


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