Tuesday, July 22, 2014

JSF 2.3 on the Horizon

Work on the JavaServer Faces 2.3 Specification has begun.  According to the specification summary:

This JSR aims to improve the clarity of the existing JavaServer Faces
(JSF) specification and introduce a small, targeted set of new features
as directed by community contribution.

To summarize, JSF 2.3 will target small scale new features, community driven improvements, and platform integration.

Summary of features from the JSR text:

- Ajax method invocation:  Ability to make direct CDI method invocations from Ajax
- Multi-field validation
- Ability to @Inject FacesContext
- EL Performance Optimizations
- Cross-form Ajax Clarifications
- Platform Integration:  Ability to leverage platform features from Java EE 8 and Java SE 8

Proposed Timeline

Q3 2014  Expert Group formed
Q1 2015  Early Draft
Q3 2015  Public Review
Q4 2015  Proposed Final Draft
Q3 2016  Final Release

Specification leads:  Edward Burns and Manfred Riem

JSR Text:  https://java.net/downloads/javaserverfaces-spec-public/JSF_2_3/PreJsrFiling/20140706-jsf23-jsr.txt

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