Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gather Beta-1 Released

It is a little behind, but the Gather Beta-1 release is now available for download. This beta version includes a fully funcitonal Gather reunion application as well as an administrative console (GatherAdmin) which is used for maintaining the application. The beta-1 release is installable via an MS-DOS/Jython installer, and it is easily configurable.

The intent of the Gather open-source reunion application is to provide a class or organization a means of hosting web content related to a reunion event of any type. The reunion site allows for individuals to register as members, update their account, become a reunion committee member, assist in finding others via outreach submission, and much more. This application makes it possible to completely organize any reunion event with ease.

Give it a try...it is free. If you are interested in developing the Gather project, please contact one of the project administrators. For more information, please visit Gather!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gather...Free for All!

We've decided to open-source the complete Gather! reunion package. The complete package includes two robust JSF-based applications which allow one to plan and organize any type of reunion event with ease. One of the applications is the actual Gather! reunion site which all members can view and use...the second application is an Administrative console which allows selected members to completely control the reunion site. Gather! promises to be the most complete reunion planning software available today...and it is 100% free!

The BETA-1 release is scheduled for late this week. We plan to release a fully functional Gather! site for BETA-1...minus a few of the newer features. Please visit the site for more details!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Gather - Temporary Site In Place

The temporary web site for the open source Gather! project is online. I've also added another administrator to the project. He is my former high school classmate, and he helped me develop Gather! for our 10 year reunion a few years back. I am glad to have Nathan Nickels on board with the development team.

He will be assisting me with web design for the Gather! site.

Beta-1 is soon to be released...visit the site to find out more!