Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gather Beta-1 Released

It is a little behind, but the Gather Beta-1 release is now available for download. This beta version includes a fully funcitonal Gather reunion application as well as an administrative console (GatherAdmin) which is used for maintaining the application. The beta-1 release is installable via an MS-DOS/Jython installer, and it is easily configurable.

The intent of the Gather open-source reunion application is to provide a class or organization a means of hosting web content related to a reunion event of any type. The reunion site allows for individuals to register as members, update their account, become a reunion committee member, assist in finding others via outreach submission, and much more. This application makes it possible to completely organize any reunion event with ease.

Give it a try...it is free. If you are interested in developing the Gather project, please contact one of the project administrators. For more information, please visit Gather!

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