Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Definitive Guide to Jython - Open Source Version

Start reading the open source version of 'The Definitive Guide to Jython'. This book is currently being authored by Frank Wierzbicki, Jim Baker, Leo Soto, Vic Ng, and myself. It is due to be published by Apress in the fall of 2009. I am having a great time being part of the project and really appreciate the opportunity! I thank Jim Baker for contacting me in regards to the book and giving me the opportunity to become the lead author.

The book is available in restructured text format on the website as the jythonbook project. You will find the Sphinx formatted book here for the time being, but we will migrate it to in the near future. We encourage comments and suggestions.

A special thanks to James Gardner for his help on providing us with the tools to convert the book into restructured text format. I plan to have a post dedicated to my work with converting from Word to rst and vice versa sometime in the near future.

Our book is focusing on the 2.5 release of Jython, which you can download here. It goes through the Python language basics through some advanced concepts. The book then goes into Jython-specific topics such as java integration and the like.

We hope you will find this book useful. Stay tuned for more to follow on the book...