Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oracle PL/SQL Recipes

Since the beginning of my career, I have worked with Oracle databases. I began as a database administrator, monitoring performance and creating database objects. From there, I became a more advanced DBA as I began writing PL/SQL code and creating triggers, functions, packages, and procedures in the database. After a while, I became interested in web application development because I was always receiving requests for creating database reports. Why write a SQL statement and re-run it every time someone wanted to see the output, when you could write a web query that accepted parameters as input and the user could run it on their own? That is the point when I discovered how to do web application development with PL/SQL and the Oracle PL/SQL web toolkit. My good friend and colleague, Matt Arena, showed me the ropes about developing PL/SQL web applications, and it was great! Now I was able to develop web-based queries whenever I had received a request for a report.

After a while, I began to write Java stored procedures because I was developing some sophisticated PL/SQL web applications by that time and I wanted to use some features that the Java language had to offer. Of course, this all worked very well...but I soon gained interest in developing Java Server Pages (JSP) based web Java web applications because they seemed a bit more versatile then PL/SQL web applications. I learned that I could more clearly separate business logic from display code using Java technologies, and began to learn more about it. Before long, I was a full-fledged Java application developer. I was developing Java enterprise applications for Oracle database, and using PL/SQL objects to help facilitate my applications where it made sense.

That brings me to where I am today. I still develop web applications for Oracle database using Java technologies and PL/SQL. I have broadened my horizons by using great languages such as Jython. Life couldn't be much better. This past year, I decided to author a book about PL/SQL that focuses on the basics...but also goes into advanced topics such as working with PL/SQL and Java to develop advanced solutions. I brought my highly respected coworker, Matt Arena, into the book as my co-author. Matt is the most advanced PL/SQL developer that I know, and he wrote the chapters that focus on PL/SQL web application development, collections, PL/SQL jobs, and performance. He taught me, and now he is sharing his great knowledge by teaching others. I authored many chapters that focus on the PL/SQL language fundamentals, and also some advanced chapters working with PL/SQL and Java application development.

Our book is entitled, Oracle PL/SQL Recipes - A Problem-Solution Approach. I recommend you picking it up if you are an Oracle applications developer. Learning PL/SQL is a great asset to any Oracle developer's toolbox. Even if you only work with Java applications, PL/SQL can help you to develop better-performing, and highly robust Oracle solutions. A big thanks goes to Apress and the entire editorial team, including my good friend Jonathan Gennick, who has done an excellent job editing this book. I look forward to working with him again on future projects. I also thank my colleague and great friend Matt Arena for showing me the ropes with PL/SQL web application development...leading my to where I am today in my career.

Oracle PL/SQL Recipes - A Problem-Solution Approach...publishing late December 2010.