Friday, July 15, 2016

NetBeans 8.2 Profiler: Colored Results

One of the new features in NetBeans 8.2 is the ability to color profiler results differently based upon filters.  This can make things visually stand out, and easier to follow in the profiler output.

To enable colored profiler results, go into the NetBeans "Preferences"->"Java"->"Profiler" menu, as seen in Figure 1.  Check the box to "Use defined filters for coloring results".

Figure 1:  NetBeans Profiler Colored Filter Results

Add any filter(s) you wish, and assign a color to the results of those filters (Figure 2).  If you wish to display the output from one of the existing filters in a different color, click the tool icon and change the colors.  As you can see in the previous figure, I updated the Java EE Frameworks filter to be a green color.

Figure 2:  Assign Colors to Filters

After applying the colors to the filters, run the profiler and see the results!

Figure 3:  Colored Results!