Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Glassfish - A Noteworthy Application Server

I've been running across quite a few blogs lately speaking about Glassfish. It appears that this great application server is being used by more people and gaining some real popularity. I've been using Glassfish since version one. Actually, prior to Project Glassfish, I used the Sun Java Application Server version 8.

I have nothing bad to say about Glassfish. It is an excellent choice for a JavaEE application server. Powerful and easy to use, this application server should not be overlooked if you are in the business of Java web development.

I have not yet tried out version 3, but I plan to do so very soon. I've been working primarily with Glassfish version 2 for the past few months. I've found it very easy to deploy JBOSS Seam applications to Glassfish even though there is no direct IDE deployment option for this setup as yet.

I will post any issues or concerns with using Glassfish V3 and JBOSS Seam...


  1. Hi JJ. Thanks for your kind words about GlassFish.

    Note that GFv3 is still fairly early in the development cycle. We hope to have a fairly complete Web-Layer by JavaOne this year, but, right now, if you are interested in production releases, GFv2 is the one.

    - eduard/o

  2. Eduardo-

    Thanks for the update. I definitely do not plan to use v3 for any production purposes until it is stable. I'm curious to find out how well it will function with Seam and other technologies, but only for testing purposes at this time.

    Thanks again for the update, and keep up the great work with Glassfish! It is definitely my choice for Java application server.


  3. Which database is better to use with glasfish and java EE; mySQL, postgreSQL, Oracle, DB2?

    What are the advantages and disadvatages?


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