Thursday, January 24, 2008

EJB 3.1 - Significant Changes Sound Promising

Being a big fan of the EJB 3.0 specification, I read this new EJB 3.1 New Features article published by Serverside right away. Clearly, the current EJB spec is much simpler to use and maintain than previous generations. Building upon that logic, the upcoming EJB 3.1 specification looks even better.

Real quick, I just wanted to point two of the features I found most interesting about this article. First, it sounds like interfaces will be made optional. This could be viewed as a bonus or a downfall, depending upon the way you look at it. Certainly removing the need for interfaces will simplify the writing of EJB code immensely. However, the benefits of using the loose-coupled approach may make EJB more difficult in some circumstances. If you enjoy unit testing of EJB code, this may make a big difference. However, since the specification plans to make this an optional feature then it will leave the implementation to the coder. Therefore, this seems to be a feature that can greatly benefit those who do not wish to write EJB interfaces.

Second, the article briefly mentions support for stateful web services and EJB timer service enhancements to support scheduling and/or deployment-time timer creation. I will be interested to hear more about these.

Give the article a read if you are interested in is worth the time.

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