Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I ran into a small issue this past weekend while doing some Django development with Jython 2.5 b0. The Django scripts appeared to be running correctly until I attempted to synchronize with the database using:

jython manage.py syncdb

Each time I tried to run this against my Postgresql backend I was receiving an error stating that "org.postgresql.Driver" could not be found. In reality, that driver was already in my Jython CLASSPATH because it is installed by default when Django is set up.

The issue may be that I have too many Jython installations on my Mac now, but nonetheless, it is easy to work around. I still have not found the complete solution as yet, but as long as the "--verify" argument is passed along with the "syncdb" call then everything works out well. This is because the verify argument forces the CLASSPATH to be parsed at runtime. While the --verify argument makes it take a second or two longer to run, it should resolve issues where the CLASSPATH is not being parsed as it should.

Workaround solution:

jython --verify manage.py syncdb

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