Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NetCAT 6.5 Complete!

I'd like to thank all of the developers at Netbeans for hosting a great NetCAT session for the 6.5 release. It seemed that everyone on the development team played an important role in this great release and the NetCAT team members also provided meaningful feedback and assistance.

I'd recommend that anyone who is interested in having their voice heard for future releases of Netbeans should get involved in future NetCAT programs. All of us members certainly had "our say" in many features of the final product. This is a program that really goes to show how much the community can make a difference.

Thanks again to Netbeans developers and fellow NetCAT 6.5 participants.


  1. Excellent post Joshua. Thanks a lot for your contributions in NetCAT 6.5 and congratulations to your 8th place (out of 60 participants)! Really great job!

  2. Good motivational post, I am glad to make new friends!

  3. @Jiri Thanks for being a great NetCAT host. I'm looking forward to Netbeans 7 in anticipation of joining the NetCAT once again!

    @Varun It was a pleasure to be part of the NetCAT and meet great people. Keep in touch!


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