Saturday, April 15, 2006

Great Book!

I know...I haven't forgotten about Part II of the PL/SQL web services blog!

I actually have had lots of my free time lately consumed by reading an excellent book. Which one? "Expert Oracle Database Architecture - 9i and 10g Programming Tips and Techniques" by Tom Kyte. If you are not sure who Tom Kyte is the you must not do any work on Oracle databases. He is truely genious when it comes to Oracle development...PL/SQL, Java, C, etc...

The most recent book touches on many key aspects for developers and DBAs who work on Oracle database. I feel that Tom's views on database app development are right on target--"You must know the database and what it can do for you".

Anyone who develops Oracle applications should give it a will be well worth the time! Thanks for another grat piece of work Tom!

Next blog...PL/SQL web services...Part II...

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