Friday, April 07, 2006

Entering the Blogger

I am looking forward to posting my most recent experiences and findings to this blog. I am an experienced database administrator and applications developer. I've worked on various databases including Oracle, Postgresql, SQL Server, and FileMaker Pro.

Java and PL/SQL web based application development is one of favorite aspects of computing. I've developed several of each and even dabbled in the scripting languages such as Python, Jython and Groovy a bit. I am an advocate of the JSF framework for Java EE development. Most recently, I've begun to work with the EJB3 technologies.

PL/SQL is perhaps the most powerful development language available for any Oracle developer/DBA. Ranging from stored procedures to web services...PL/SQL is a robust, organized, and pleasurable language to code.

Please assist me by correcting any mistakes I may make in my tutorials. I am also always looking for the best technologies for the job. So please keep me posted on anything new that I may have overlooked!

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