Thursday, May 12, 2016

Working with Mojarra Maven Builds

Some great updates have been made to the Mojarra repository in the past couple of months.  The JSF 2.3 Milestone 5 release has been available to download since March, and the Milestone 6 release is actively in progress.  Arjan Tijms and Bauke Scholtz have been actively contributing to the effort and moving things forward, which is helping Mojarra to maintain a healthy milestone cycle.

One of the biggest efforts that have been made was to complete the transition to Maven builds, rather than ANT.  The ANT build had become rather difficult to maintain over the years, and rather than going through the effort to repair it, the process has been changed over to a Maven build.  Manfred Riem, co-spec lead for JSF 2.3, had originally started this conversion to Maven and had nearly completed the effort, but never made it 100% of the way.  Arjan stepped in and finished the task so that it works with the latest milestones.

To begin working with the actively progressing 2.3 Milestone 6 along with the new Maven build, do the following:

Create a new clone of the Mojarra GitHub repository, or update an existing local repository from remote.

git clone

Once the clone is complete, execute the following commands within the terminal.  As you can see, you first move into the jsf-tools directory and build/install the artifacts using the mvn clean install command.  Next, move into the impl directory and issue the same command.

cd mojarra

cd jsf-tools

mvn clean install

cd ..

cd impl

mvn clean install

Doing so will create a Milestone SNAPSHOT JAR file in the <repository>/impl/target directory.  You can then start to test against the latest Mojarra sources and check out the newest features.

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