Friday, March 21, 2014

GlassFish 4 - Let's Help as a Community

We know that GlassFish 4 works with JDK8, but it has not yet been officially sanctioned.  Let's help out as a community and test out GlassFish 4 using the latest nightly builds, and submit any issues that arise.  The more feedback that is provided, the more solid the next release of GlassFish will be!

Here's what you can do to help:

1)  Grab a recent nightly build of GlassFish 4 from here:

2)  Install the build, and configure it to use your installation of Java SE 8 by doing the following:

  Set the AS_JAVA property within your 
  <glassfish-path>\glassfish\config\asenv.conf configuration file equal to your Java 8 installation. 

  On OS X, this would look like the following:


3)  Test your Java EE applications under GlassFish 4 using Java 8, and submit any reproducible issues to the Issue Tracker:

  - Please include the steps to reproduce the issue(s) when submitting them to the tracker.  The more information, the better!

If we do our part as a community, we can help GlassFish to become more stable on Java 8, and then we should see a stable 4.x release sanctioned for use with Java 8 sometime in the future.

HelloType helloLambda = 
          (String text) -> {System.out.println("Hello " + text);};

helloLambda.hello("GlassFish 4 on JDK 8");

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