Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Plan Your Events for Free - Gather Event Planning

Gather Event Planning is a free service that I started a few months ago to assist individuals or groups that are planning events. The service is based upon my open source reunion planning software. This service is web hosting which provides sites geared towards planning and organizing events such as reunions, meetings, or gatherings in general. Each Gather Event Planning website grants it's owner privileges to change all page content, administer mailing and guest lists, post news, etc.

Originally, I was planning to charge a minimal fee for the service in order to cover the costs of hosting. However, I've partnered up with another group to pay for the hosting and together we've produced Restoring The Roar a Chicago Blackhawks Hockey fan site. I've also partnered up with another associate who will be starting a website shortly. Gather Event Planning is now free thanks to the new partnerships.

So if you or someone you know needs to plan an event of any kind, please try out Gather Event Planning...and give me feedback!

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