Friday, June 20, 2008

Ask Frank! A Jython Interview with Frank Wierzbicki of Sun Microsystems

Jython Monthly Presents "Ask Frank"...a question and answer session with Frank Wierzbicki for the Jython community!

I've been in touch with Frank Wierzbicki of Sun Microsystems. In case you aren't aware, Frank is one of the top Jython developers, and earlier this year Sun Microsystems hired him to work on Jython full time!

He has agreed to answer questions from the community for our July 2008 newsletter. Gather your best questions and post them to the wiki at the URL below. If you have issues posting the questions on the wiki page, then please send them to me at so that they can be included. The deadline for posting questions is July 11th. After that time, Frank Wierzbicki will choose which ones he wishes to answer and we will include them in the next distribution.

Please post your questions to Ask Frank at: and feel free to include your name/email address if you'd like.

Thanks in advance for your participation...this is a great opportunity for the Jython community.

Special thanks to Frank Wierzbicki for his time!

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