Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Groovy Netbeans Plugin

After searching for a while to find information regarding the Groovy and Grails Netbeans plugin, I determined that it is only available if you download and use a nightly build. You must download a nightly build and then go to the plugin manager to find it.

Ok, that is good news, so now I will get to try out the plugin and see how it works. One slight reminder though, if you download and use a Netbeans nightly build then none of your created libraries will be carried forward. I've got too many libraries created so I plan on using the nightly build to evaluate the Groovy plugin only...I will continue my day-to-day development on the NB 6.1 release.

I wonder if a Jython plugin is in the future? One would think that since a couple of Jython gurus have been hired by Sun, we may have some hope for good Jython support in a future Netbeans release...let's hope so!

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