Monday, November 05, 2007

OSX and JavaFX Script

Recently, there has been a ton of complaining that JDK6 has not been ported over to OSX 10.5 Leopard. I am a 10.4 Tiger user, and I am currently running Apple's Java 1.5 implementation. I like the Apple JDK 5 looks much nicer than running Swing apps on Windows. However, I do hope that JDK 6 is available soon for OSX because I'd like to start using JavaFX within my Java programs on my Mac.

Without thinking twice, I downloaded Netbeans 6.0 Beta 2 and the JavaFX plugins on my Mac. I then started writing some FX code and calling it from native Java, and realized that I cannot code against the javax.script packages in JDK 5. I am now in need of JDK 6 to move forward with JavaFX on the Mac.

This blog post is just another posting regarding the desire for JDK 6 to be ported to OSX. I hope it comes soon...until then I am stuck with Windows for writing any JavaFX apps.

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