Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Ever since I created my first database on our new production box, I've been receiving an ORA-07445 error intermittantly. For a while (about a month or so), it went away and that is the time frame when we moved into production. About a week later we were getting the ORA error again.

I have done about all that an Oracle DBA could do in this situation. I've raked through the alert log, and taken a look at each trace file. I've also run the Oracle RDA (Remote Diagnostic Assistant) and sent the output to Oracle support. We've narrowed the error down to an issue with XML DB within the database. Now, we do not even use XML DB, but perhaps there is a process running within the database that is utilizing the feature. Of course, there is a known Oracle bug which corresponds to my issue. I am supposed to grant all users the XDBADMIN role in order to prevent the issue from occurring. That is not going to happen.

My solution (I thought) was to create a limited role which had SELECT privileges on XDBCONFIG. That role was granted to each user in the database....nothing was resolved. As a matter of fact, this error has been occurring on and off for the past couple of months and it is still not resolved. It does not appear to be affecting the way in which the database is functioning, and my users are not complaining of any issues. But I am still curious as to why I continue to receive this error. Is it really the Oracle bug which support thinks it is, or is there another cause which we have not yet found?

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